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Stable Release v0.11.0


Immerse yourself with advanced navigational capabilities as we introduce vertical navigation to the Stable Version of the A32NX. We have refined various crucial flight instruments, bolstered the FMS with comprehensive updates, and introduced new realistic simulations of systems involving cross bleed engine starts and air conditioning.

We're also excited to introduce updates to the flyPadOS with more reliable weather data from NOAA, new functionality, and cosmetic upgrades.

Happy flying!

  • Vertical Navigation
  • flyPadOS Version 3.2
  • Cross Bleed Engine Starts
  • Air Conditioning Simulation + Failures
  • Flight Instrument Improvements

For a full release changelog - see here

Recommended Settings

Before your first flight, please make sure to read our Recommended Settings guide.

Navigraph + SimBrief Integration

The authentication process for Navigraph services (SimBrief included) has changed. Please see the following page for more information:

SimBrief Integration

Navigraph Airframe

The team at Navigraph have been kind enough to include our airframe as a selectable option on SimBrief. You no longer have to save our custom airframe to your account to use it. If we decide to make any changes, it will be automatically updated in their system.

Guide Here

Important User Experience Changes

Please note the following changes.

SimBridge is now required to use the following features:

  • Terrain on ND
  • MCDU Remote Display
  • External Printer
  • Local Files feature
  • Company Routes

SimBridge Guides Here

  • Custom Flight Management System.
  • Weather radar is inoperable as we wait for Asobo implementations.
  • MSFS Built-in ATC and VFR maps are partially supported. Guides Here
  • Discontinuities may now appear in your flight plan — they are a feature and not a bug.
  • Throttle calibration is mandatory.

Downloads available through our installer.

Please see our Support Guide and Reported Issues.

Feature Shortcuts
Crossbleed Engine Starts
Air Conditioning Simulation + Failures
Flight Data Recorder Improvements
Flight Instrument Improvements
General Improvements

Feature Details


We are thrilled to introduce the foundational layer of the vertical navigation capabilities (VNAV) in the A32NX. This release incorporates basic vertical prediction and guidance functions, laying the groundwork for advanced functionalities in future updates.

Simulation pilots can expect the following in the current version:

  • Precision in speed, altitude, time, and fuel predictions through all flight phases.
  • Display of vertical predictions on the navigation screen including the top of descent, vertical path, target altitude, target speed, and relevant Navigation Display symbology.
  • Vertical guidance in managed modes providing vertical path and speed guidance.
  • Set cruise steps directly in the MCDU.

Development Pipeline + Guides

We wanted to provide a short note that this first iteration release into the stable version does not include certain features that are still currently in development.

For an in-depth look at utilizing vertical guidance in the A32NX, including what features are still in the pipeline see our dedicated advance guide below!

Vertical Guidance Guides

flyPadOS Version 3.2

Our latest flyPadOS brings forward several key enhancements and fixes that pilots can enjoy.

EFB/ATSU Improvements

We've incorporated the reliable NOAA ( as a METAR source, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date weather data.

Additionally, our system can utilize MSFS METAR data, moving away from the older FSX cloud data originally provided through the FBW API. This will ensure a more synchronized weather experience in your flight deck.

EFB/FWC Update

Automatic Call-Outs are selectable in the flyPad. The basic configuration offered by Airbus is set as the default.

EFB/Payloads Enhancements

Pilots have the capability for multi-gate boarding whenever multiple doors are open, streamlining the boarding process and saving time.

Lack of Animation

Please note that due to Asobo model issues the animation of the left aft door will not be visible. Use the EFB or lower ECAM to verify the door status of the aircraft.

This will be fixed when we have completed our own custom model of the A32NX.

You'll also receive a user-friendly UI message on the fuel/payload page when GSX is activated, ensuring clearer communication between the two systems.

EFB Functional Upgrades

We've added a few notable functional changes, such as a "Pause at T/D" function. SimBridge connectivity issues have also been addressed.

The main dashboard and landing calculator have been refined to use your selected METAR source for a consistent weather information feed.

EFB Cosmetic Enhancements

We've rolled out aesthetic updates to the throttle configuration settings, while also expanding support for multiple airframes. This ensures our flyPad is compatible with our future aircraft releases, maintaining versatility between our products.

flyPadOS Guides Here

Crossbleed Engine Starts

Pilots are able to initiate an engine start from crossbleed air. This procedure is performed when the APU Bleed start is not possible. For more information and procedure, visit our dedicated Crossbleed Engine Start page.

We have further expanded our suite of sensor simulation in the aircraft to support this feature.

Engine and Crossbleed Updates

  • Initiate engine start from crossbleed air.
  • Fully open/fully closed sensors for the crossbleed valve.
  • Crossbleed valve indications for open, closed, and in-transfer status.

Sensor Implementations

  • Pressure sensors for regulated, transfer, and precooler inlet pressures.
  • Precooler outlet temperature sensor.

SD Bleed Page Enhancements

  • Updated SD Bleed page indications.
  • Adjusted precooler inlet pressure's green/amber logic.
  • 5-second confirmation before displaying a closed indication for the pressure regulating valve.

BMC and ECAM Updates

  • Bleed air overpressure, underpressure, and overheat detection in the BMC.

Valve and Regulation Improvements

  • Enhanced fan air valve regulation logic.
  • Overpressure valve implemented.
  • Reworked high-pressure valve regulation.

Physics and Efficiency Updates

  • Reworked engine compressor physics.
  • Increased precooler cooling efficiency.
  • Tuned APU bleed pressure.

Fault Light Logic

  • Reworked pack fault light logic for better accuracy.

Air Conditioning Simulation

This release introduces a realistically simulated intricate model of the Air Conditioning System tailored specifically to emulate an A320 equipped with an ACSC (Air Conditioning System Controller). Key additions include:

  • ARINC Discrete Communication: To ensure high-fidelity data transfer and system controls.
  • Valve Simulation and Dynamics: Detailed simulation of the TAPRV (Trim Air Pressure Regulating Valve) and TAV (Trim Air Valves) have been introduced. Along with this, users will observe a more realistic temperature response time from the pack, further enhancing the immersion until packs are fully modeled.
  • System Failures: A crucial aspect of any simulation is the unpredictability and the challenges it presents. Pilots can set failures in various components. See our Custom Air Conditioning page for more information.
  • Additional Failures Introduced: For those seeking an added layer of challenge and immersion, we've implemented scenarios like trim air system high-pressure malfunctions and duct overheats.

Flight Data Recorder Improvements

The virtual Flight Data Recorder (FDR) now includes secondary engine parameters.

Many may not be aware, but the A32NX actually has an onboard FDR. This is a crucial component in the aircraft that records and logs various parameters and events. In real-life scenarios, this data is essential for analyzing and investigation incidents or accidents that may occur.

For the purposes of simulation, our support teams use it for providing technical support to our users and analyzing the same parameters and events. It allows us to troubleshoot abnormal aircraft or display behavior caused by pilot error, a hardware issue, an MSFS issue, or a bug in our simulation.

We have also built our own flight data recorder analysis tool that allows us to parse the data you've sent us and visualize it in a way that allows us to quickly identify the issues above.

Snapshotting an Event

You can use the DFDR button found on the lower pedestal to mark a point in time within the recorded data so that we can quickly find the event you're reporting. Location of the DFDR button can be found here.

Visit our Discord for instructions on how to supply us this data if requested.

Flight Instrument Improvements


Navigation Display (ND) corrections include fixing ROSE VOR/LS conditions and ILS course and masking the map beneath the TCAS/WXR and FM messages. We've also corrected altitude formatting in relation to transition altitude and transition level.


The Primary Flight Display (PFD) has received adjustments in the size of pitch trim messages. Also, the NO DH logic in the FMS and PFD has been corrected.


System Display (SD) updates involve a new 3-second display duration for the STS page. The SD BLEED page correctly shows the APU bleed pressure indication. Corrections have been made in the fuel transfer valve amber logic, the position of outer tank fuel quantity values, and adjustments to the thickness and position of lower ECAM fuel page lines.


A fix has been implemented for the ISIS alt tape, ensuring correct order representation for negative altitudes. The team has spent countless hours looking over real life references to ensure that the layout is 1:1 with the A320neo

General Improvements

The A32NX FMS has seen a host of updates and improvements. These include setting a default RNP of 0.3 for RNP AR procedure legs, adding basic support for FA legs, implementing the CHECK SPEED MODE message, vertical navigation functions, and more.

Layout adjustments have been made to the PERF CLB, PERF CRZ, and PERF DES pages for better clarity. Additionally, the robustness of ILS selection has been improved, and procedures referencing runways are loaded correctly. Other enhancements include displaying ILS identification and frequency on the ARRIVAL page, improved fuel warnings post-engine start, and appropriate use of station declination.

The MCDU has also seen multiple updates. This includes basic MCDU MENU functionality, annunciator support, and improvements in V-speed calculations. A few bugs, such as the FMGC annunciator light not illuminating and demanding QNH and TEMP readings when distant from the destination, have been addressed. The ZFW/ZFWCG autofill feature has been optimized to use desired values during the boarding process.

For users utilizing external hardware, remote MCDU protocol enhancements include the transmission of annunciator light state, display, integral light brightness, and support for BRT/DIM keys.


  • [APU] APU can now consume fuel - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [APU] Added xfeed APU fuel capabilities - @Taz5150 (TazX - [Z+1]#0405)
  • [ATSU] Fix ATIS Auto Update LSK6L to ATIS page instead of ATC MENU - @BravoMike99 (bruno_pt99)
  • [BLEED] Allow engine start from crossbleed air - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [BLEED] Improve bleed page visuals on the SD - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [BLEED] Use more accurate pneumatic valves and sensors - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [COND] Add Air Conditioning systems failures - @mjuhe (Miquel Juhe)
  • [COND] Fixed Temp-Indication on CRZ page showing cockpit temperature for fwd and aft cabin - @cptnuss-ops (Lukas)
  • [EFB/ATSU] Added NOAA ( as a METAR source - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [EFB/ATSU] Use MSFS METAR data rather than FSX cloud data from FBW API - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [EFB/FWC] Auto Call Outs selectable - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [EFB/PAYLOAD] flyPad OS 3.2 - Allow for multi-gate boarding when multiple doors are open - @2hwk (2cas)
  • [EFB] Added UI message on fuel/payload page when GSX is activated - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [EFB] Added pause at T/D function - @2hwk (2Cas#1022)
  • [EFB] Fixed Simbridge failing to connect if remote setting is enabled then disabled - @DevonDF (Devon#9451)
  • [EFB] Fixed the main page and landing calculator to use the selected METAR source - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [EFB] flyPad OS 3.2 - Cosmetic changes for throttle configuration settings and support for multiple airframes - @2hwk (2cas)
  • [EIS] Added > character to the font - @KiloEchoVictor (Kevin)
  • [FDR] Add secondary engine parameters to FDR - @Taz5150 (TazX - [Z+2]#0405)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL] Fix outer to inner tank transfer valve closure - @donstim (donbikes)
  • [FMS] Add a default RNP of 0.3 for RNP AR procedure legs - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Add basic support for FA legs - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Implement CHECK SPEED MODE message - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [FMS] Implement vertical navigation functions - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [FMS] Improve layout of PERF CLB, PERF CRZ and PERF DES pages according to H3 - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [FMS] Improved robustness of ILS selection - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Load procedures that reference a runway correctly - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Show ILS ident and frequency on ARRIVAL page - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] TO SPEEDS TOO LOW uses FQI fuel quantity after engine start to avoid spurious warnings - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Use station declination when appropriate for fix info and place/bearing radials - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] Added "twenty five hundred" and "two thousand" callouts - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] WING TANK LO LVL message now considers centre tank mode selector - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [HYD] Added hydraulic reverser actuators - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [ISIS] Fixed the ISIS alt tape order for negative altitudes - @aweissoertel (Alex)
  • [MCDU/ND] Corrected altitude formatting with respect to transition altitude and transition level - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Add basic MCDU MENU functionality - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Add basic annunciator support - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Don't calculate V-speeds when FoB not available - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Fixed the FMGC annunciator light not illuminating - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] PERF APPR page no longer demands QNH and TEMP when outside 180NM from destination - @robertxing2004 (robeet)
  • [MCDU] Split subsystem scratchpads - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] The remote MCDU protocol now sends the annunciator light state - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] The remote MCDU protocol now sends the display and integral light brightness - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] The remote MCDU protocol now supports the BRT/DIM keys - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] ZFW/ZFWCG auto-fill uses desired values when boarding in progress - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [ND] Fix ROSE VOR/LS conditions and ILS course - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [ND] Mask the map below the TCAS/WXR and FM messages - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [PAYLOAD] Re-enabled FBW sounds when using GSX Integration
  • [PFD] Adjusted size of pitch trim messages - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [PFD] Corrected the NO DH logic in the FMS and PFD - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [SD] Added a display duration of 3s for STS page - @pluce
  • [SD] Connect SD BLEED page APU bleed pressure indication to correct ADRs - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [SD] Corrected fuel transfer valve amber logic - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [SD] Corrected position of outer tank fuel quantity values - @robertxing2004 (robeet)
  • [SD] Corrected thickness and position of lower ECAM fuel page lines - @robertxing2004 (robeet)