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Stable Release v0.10.0

stable 0100 graphic

We're excited to bring a slew of new features and various improvements to the A32NX. Terrain on ND is now available through our SimBridge, which allows sim pilots to have access to our external terrain database. We've got some improved visuals by way of interior and exterior lighting, as well as new UI elements in the flyPadOS. In the spirit of our dedication to realistic simulation, we have updated and further tuned plenty of onboard systems to even better match realistic operation and functionality.

This release is the culmination of months of work by our team and contributors, and we're proud to release v0.10.0. Happy flying!

This release now includes these major features:

  • More robust ATSU implementation.
  • Enhanced flight operations with flyPadOS 3 improvements to pushback system, payload management, QuickControls, GSX integration and more.
  • Seamless integration of Terrain on ND through SimBridge.
  • Fully replaced default fuel system with properly simulated A320neo fuel system with crossfeed functionality, center tank transfers, and more.
  • FMGC + FMS improvements, including:
    • Improved flight plan management and handling.
    • Fixed bugs with thrust reduction and acceleration altitude.
    • Navaid selection and automatic tuning.
  • TakeOff Surveillance 1 functions in the FMGC and FWC.
  • FWC reports and simulates more warnings appropriately.
  • Hydraulics calculations and simulation improvements across the entire aircraft.
  • Working windshield wipers.

For a full release changelog - see here

Recommended Settings

Before your first flight, please make sure to read our Recommended Settings guide.

Navigraph Airframe

The team at Navigraph have been kind enough to include our airframe as a selectable option on SimBrief. You no longer have to save our custom airframe to your account to use it. If we decide to make any changes, it will be automatically updated in their system.

Guide Here

Important User Experience Changes

Please note the following changes.

SimBridge is now required to use the following features:

  • Terrain on ND
  • MCDU Remote Display
  • External Printer
  • Local Files feature
  • Company Routes

SimBridge Guides Here

  • Custom Flight Management System.
  • Weather is inoperable as we wait for Asobo implementations.
  • MSFS Built-in ATC and VFR maps are on limited support. Guides Here
  • Discontinuities may now appear in your flight plan — they are a feature and not a bug.
  • Throttle calibration is mandatory.

Downloads available through our installer.

Please see our Support Guide and Reported Issues.

Feature Shortcuts
Navaid Selection and Tuning
Air Conditioning Simulation
Fuel System
Terrain on ND
Miscellaneous Changes

Feature Details

The navaid selection function of the FMGC continuously selects appropriate VHF navaids based on the aircraft position, navigation database, route, and procedures to support its own navigation function, and to assist the pilots. The selected VOR and NDB navaids are automatically tuned for display on the ND, unless the pilot has manually selected navaids in those slots on the MCDU RAD NAV page. The currently selected navaids can be viewed on the SEL NAVAIDs page in the MCDU. Navaids can also be deselected on this page to prevent their use by the FMGC; useful for example when a navaid is declared out of service by a NOTAM.

When performing an approach, the required navaids (VOR, NDB, or ILS/LOC) will be automatically selected. If the pilot has manually tuned a different navaid, a warning will appear to remind them that a different navaid is specified for the approach. A warning will also appear if the navaid has been deselected, as it may not be permissible to continue with the approach.

The aircraft has a backup tuning mechanism in the event of dual FMGC failure; to utilise this, press the NAV button on the RMP. In backup tuning mode, the FMGCs are unable to tune any nav radios, and the NAV RAD page will become blank. The DME channel associated with the ILS is also no longer tuned. For external hardware users, it is not possible to tune the nav radios while the FMGC is in control, but this is still possible in RMP backup tuning mode.

The ND and PFD indicate the tuning mode of the navaids displayed by way of an underlined M for navaids tuned manually through the MCDU RAD NAV page, an underlined R for navaids tuned by the RMP backup tuning mode, and no symbol for automatically tuned navaids.

Overall, navaid selection and automatic tuning simplifies the navigation process for pilots and allows them to focus on other critical aspects of the flight. It is a valuable feature that improves the safety and efficiency of the aircraft.

radnav tuning image

Air Conditioning Simulation

We’ve significantly improved the air conditioning system and cabin air model. The movement of air is now simulated throughout its journey from the packs, the mixer unit (where it gets mixed with recirculated cabin air), the trim air system (where it gets mixed with hot air from the engines) and finally to the cabin, where it cools down or warms up your passengers! And of course, we’ve added all the systems that monitor and control this journey.

Did you know that we simulate heat loss through the aircraft wall, the effects of speed and altitude (has anyone heard of the Nusselt Number?), passenger body heat dissipation, and even air leakage due to flushing the toilet?

We’ve also unified our cabin air simulation, so all the above have a direct effect on both the cabin temperature and the cabin pressure.

Fuel System

The previous fuel system architecture was mostly carried over from the default Asobo A320NEO - which unfortunately was modelled on the A320CEO fuel system architecture. We have completely reworked this system ensuring that in the A32NX is simulating the correct A320NEO functionality as well as implemented a few previously INOP features.

  • Much of the current fuel system architecture was carried over from the default Asobo A320NEO. Asobo incorrectly put the A320CEO fuel system architecture into the A320NEO such that fuel burned directly from the center fuel tank. For the A320NEO, fuel is transferred from the center tank to the inner tanks, from which it flows to the engines. This transfer takes place under certain conditions (fuel in the center tank and inner tank fuel level less than about 500 kg lower than the respective inner tank fuel capacity.) Other changes to make the fuel system more realistic have been made as described in the Summary of Changes section.
  • The Mode Selector overhead pushbutton is now operative. It can be placed in either Automatic mode (the normal mode with no indication showing) or Manual mode (with MAN showing on the lighted pushbutton).
  • The center tank fuel pump pushbuttons on the overhead panel have been changed to control the center tank transfer valves as on the real A320NEO. The A320NEO has jet pumps to transfer fuel from the center tank to the inner tanks. These pumps are activated by suction created by the open valves, rather than being traditional pumps that can be directly controlled by the flight crew.

    Note: Center Tank Pushbuttons

    Until we have a new model, these pushbuttons will continue to be labeled on the overhead panel as center tank pump switches.

  • Center tank fuel will now transfer to the inner tanks rather than being fed directly to the engines.

    • This transfer will take place automatically if both the Mode Sel switch and the center tank valve (labeled as center tank pump) pushbuttons are in the normal AUTO position when the inner tank fuel level reaches a level 500 kg less than the inner fuel tank capacity (i.e., the transfer starts for each inner tank when that tank fuel quantity is less than 5019 kg).
    • The transfer will stop when either there is no center tank fuel, or the respective inner tank is filled. The center tank fuel transfer valves will also close 5 minutes after reaching the center tank reaches the low fuel level (130 kg). Center tank fuel transfer to an inner tank can also be stopped by placing the respective center tank transfer valve pushbutton (labeled as center tank pump) in the OFF position.
  • When the Mode Sel switch is in manual mode, all center tank fuel transfer is controlled manually by the flight crew. Center tank transfer can be started to an inner tank by putting the respective center tank valve pushbutton (labeled as center tank pump) in the ON position.
  • The ECAM fuel page has been updated to show fuel quantity changes, correct valve positioning, and coloration for the added center to inner tank fuel transfers and crossfeeds
  • Removed the triggers for autostarting and autostopping engines, which are not supported by the A32NX. It also removes the fuel lines going directly from the engines back to the inner tanks.
  • The trigger to close the outer to inner fuel transfer valves was changed from a below fuel quantity trigger to an above fuel quantity trigger for clarity and simplicity, so that the condition of "true" rather than "false" will close the valves.

flyPadOS 3 Updates

The flyPadOS 3 (EFB) now has some improvements to various existing features, as well as GSX integration, for those users who utilize the application.

Notably, in conjunction with our flight model changes and payload, the EFB now features a revamped weight and balance system, without drastically changing the user interface. We have retooled this process code-wise, allowing for more complex manipulation, resulting in better performance. While our users will continue to enjoy customizing baggage and seating through the EFB, we now have better support for mixed seating classes and staggered rows. Applied "on top" of our GSX integration, this essentially means 3rd party programs can interact better with our aircraft, and even set seating layouts.

GSX integration features supported include refueling, boarding, and cargo. While we have some limitations in place due to Asobo's model and animations, we have done our best to make the experience to sync GSX features through the EFB as seamless as possible. These limitations are most notable with utilizing the rear cargo door or passenger doors and require special toggles on our EFB.

You can read more about our GSX integration here.

QuickControls have been added to the EFB to allow for quick access to important features like EFB brightness, or controlling the SimBridge connection, instant boarding. or instant ADIRS alignment. See our documentation for more information: Quick Controls Documentation

The EFB Pushback System can now be fully controlled via API and therefore mapped to hardware buttons or controllers. See our documentation for more information: Pushback API

We also continue to improve and perfect on our translations for the EFB, which would not be possible without the amazing support from our community. It also would not be possible without our great partners at Localazy who have provided us with a great platform to manage our translations.

We are always looking for more help with translations. You can find more information on how to do so through our documentation here.



We have been hard at work making some significant improvements to the aircraft's Flight Management and Guidance systems.

We've made changes to the PERF GO AROUND page layout to better reflect the Honeywell Release 3. Additionally, the minima (RADIO or BARO) logic has been improved and is now only available to other systems such as the PFD when in CRZ or later and within 200 NM of the destination. Handling of constraints for display on the ND has been improved.

The FMS now has a workaround for approach transitions that are hidden hidden inside other transitions when using Navigraph data, the ILS tuning lock below 700 feet on approach, and making ILS course and slope available for database NAVAIDS.

We are also now targeting a more modern version of the Flight Warning Computer. A few additional warnings have been added such as fuel low, flap lever not zero at high altitudes, ground spoiler not armed or still extended during approach, and all of the takeoff surveillance 1 warnings.

Minor bugs related to thrust reduction and acceleration altitude have been fixed.


The latest update for the aircraft includes a comprehensive set of changes to the hydraulic system.

Priority valves are now simulated and might cause some high flow consumer to behave poorly in some circumstances, for example the gear or flaps/slats while the plane is in abnormal hydraulic situation.

A new temperature simulation was added, and allows the system to react realistically to various types of failures, including hydraulic elements that might fail in a chain reaction if you don't react quickly enough. For example, letting the PTU run on an empty green or yellow system might cause the healthy system to overheat, thus losing both green and yellow... Not ideal!

Small detail added is the yellow brake accumulator that has now its state randomly generated when starting a flight. In some rare cases you might start with an empty brake accumulator: be careful with your checklist!

RAT turbine has now a new realistic aerodynamic model, and the addition of the anti-stall valve system. This system reduces the load of the hydraulic pump when RAT speed is too low, preventing it from stalling at low approach speeds. A new electrical 1.6 m diameter RAT is also available for bigger planes.

The complete rudder mechanical assembly, electrical control, hydraulic assembly, and hydraulic yaw dampers are now simulated. Trying to move the trim wheel without hydraulic power will only let you move it a tiny bit, as the tension of the control cables increases. A new electrical control THS has also been developped for bigger planes.


We're excited to announce the latest update to our MCDU + ND software. The new SPECIF VOR/D UNAVAIL message ensures that you'll always be notified of any unavailable navigation aids. We've also fixed issues with EFOB and FUEL PRED getting dashed out at TOD, and negative EFOB values on both the F-PLN and FLIGHT PLAN pages.

There are also new NAVAID and SELECTED NAVAIDS pages, and the reimplementation of the RADIO NAV. Many of these new features have already been detailed in the Autotuning section.

The ND display no longer draws the background when busses are not powered, fixing LOC deviation scaling, and improving the consistency of RNP <= 0.3 indications.

We've also added a reset of flight plan and stored data on Database switch.

Terrain on ND

Our terrain database is now finally on our Stable version, rounding out our current SimBridge enabled features. With SimBridge enabled during flights, pilots operating in regions with hazardous terrain conditions now have additional situational awareness to help them navigate safely. This is all possible with the Terrain Awareness and Warning System, which overlays the Terrain Awareness and Display, which overlays the terrain on to the ND. Read more through our guide below.

Terrain on ND Guides



Using the MSFS built-in flight planning via the MSFS World Map is still important for many users, although less realistic than using SimBrief or other planning tools. Therefore, we have improved the import process to better handle the MSFS flight-plan data and allow for more accurate imported flight plans.

Read more in our Flight Planning Guide.

To ensure that users are always using the latest version of our aircraft, we have added a version check and user notification to inform users if their version is some time behind the latest released version. This will help us to ensure that users always have the latest features and bug fixes.

Interior / Exterior Lighting Overhaul

Pilots can now enjoy our fully redone interior and exterior lighting. We have ensured that the cockpit experience is even more representative of the real life A320neo with proper reflections and ambient lighting.

The interior now comes with ambient flood lights the correct temps and bulb characteristics where the integral lights that mimic real life wear.

Windshield Wipers

We have added a new feature to the aircraft, windshield wipers! The wipers are controlled by the wiper selector on the overhead panel with three options - OFF, SLOW, and FAST. The wiper's movements are not only animated but also affect the rain effects on the windshield.

wipers rain image


  • [ADIRU/ND/PFD] Initial support for polar navigation - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [ADIRU] Add baro correction setting to ADIRS - @mjuhe (Miquel Juhe)
  • [ADIRU] Implemented wind speed computation from TAS/GS/HDG - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [AOC] Update unread message count when messages are deleted - @Eearslya (Eearslya#7831)
  • [ATSU] ATSU as single instrument according to A20N architecture - @svengcz (Sven)
  • [ATSU] Added CPDLC addresses used on VATSIM in EPWW FIR - @laxentis
  • [ATSU] Coupled the DATALINK STATUS page onto the atsu - @StenAfMARS (space_viking#0186)
  • [ATSU] Fix LSK6L not returning to ATSU DATALINK page in ATC MENU - @BravoMike99 (Bruno_pt99#5802)
  • [ATSU] Update LPPC FANS B area with newly introduced codes - @pinatacolada
  • [BLEED] Add pressure sensors to bleed system - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing#6641)
  • [CLOCK] Ported Clock to MSFS Avionics Framework for better performance - @MicahBCode (Mischa Binder)
  • [COND] Add mixer unit and recirculation fans to air conditioning system - @mjuhe (Miquel Juhe)
  • [COND] Add trim air valves to air conditioning system - @mjuhe (Miquel Juhe)
  • [DATALINK] Splitted up ATC/AOC/Router to single components @svengcz (Sven)
  • [DMC] Add DMC maintenance and engineering test modes (including DMC switching) - @flogross89 (Flo)
  • [ECAM/SD] Limit PRESS page gauges to correct range - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [EFB] Added QuickControls to flyPad StatusBar - @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont) @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [EFB] Added ability to set custom Simbridge IP address - @Alepouna (Alepouna#9824)
  • [EFB] Added boarding time indication to Payload page - @ChristianLutzCL (Christian Lutz) @frankkopp(Frank Kopp)
  • [EFB] Added pretty release name to flyPad about page - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [EFB] Allow payload page passenger seating to be manipulated via LocalVars - @2hwk (2Cas#1022)
  • [EFB] Fix and improve pushback system and add API documentation - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [EFB] Fix offscreen menu caused by OFP layouts - @MicahBCode (Mischa Binder)
  • [EFB] GSX Integration - Lucky38i (Lucky38#3550)
  • [EFB] GW and GWCG display on payload page - @2hwk (2Cas#1022)
  • [EFB] Mitigated issue with flypad fuel page for very long translation strings - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [EFB] Show correct runway numbers in landing calculator's runway widget when heading is between 0-5 degrees - @2hwk (2Cas#1022)
  • [EGPWS] Introduce first system for EPGWS - @svengcz (Sven)
  • [ELEC] A more accurate simulation of the transformer rectifiers - @Gurgel100 (Pascal)
  • [ELEC] Make the annunciator test function dependent on DC Bus 2 being powered - @Maximilian-Reuter (Chaoz#3065)
  • [ENG] Adjust oil pressure table - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [EWD] Fix placement of "5" and "10" scale on EWD N1 gauges - @flogross89 (Flo)
  • [EWD] Updated EWD to use MSFS Avionics framework - @Eearslya (Eearslya#7831)
  • [F/CTL] Add ELAC 2 Emergency Powersupply - @lukecologne (lukecologne#1156)
  • [FADEC] Automatic enginestarts use one igniter alternating and enabled use of FADEC GND PWR pushbuttons @Maximilian-Reuter (Maximilian Reuter)
  • [FBW] Added option to have two axis for rudder e.g. racing pedals - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL/EFB] Modified empty weight cg and loading station/fuel tank locations - @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL/EFB] Updated CG for ELAC 103 - @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL/FUEL] Increased rate of fuel transfer from outer to inner tanks - @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL/FUEL] Reinstate updated outer fuel tank position from updated CG for ELAC 103 - @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL/FUEL] Update of fuel system (center tank transfer and crossfeed) - @donstim (donbikes#4084), @tracernz (Mike), @Taz5150 (TazX - [Z+2]#0405)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL] Reduced flap induced drag - @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FLIGHTMODEL] Update gear drag - @donstim (donbikes#4084)
  • [FMGC/FWC] Add takeoff surveilance 1 functions - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC/PFD] Implemented FMGC exposure of the Minimums to the PFD - @MikioDK (Yekouri#1836)
  • [FMGC] Change PERF GO AROUND page layout to H3 - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Constraints for waypoints behind the aircraft are no longer sent - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Don't accept blank input or / for hold distance - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Fix loading VHF navaids without region - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Fix station declination using wrong leg - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Fixed various bugs with thrust reduction and acceleration altitude - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Improved importing flight plans from MSFS World Map - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [FMGC] Send full approach name to EIS - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMGC] Show proper transition names and final approach slope from AAU1 - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Fix display of lat/lon close to zero on DUPLICATE NAMES page - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Handle approach transitions hidden inside other transition with Navigraph data - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Implemented FMS LS tuning lock below 700 feet on approach - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Implemented FMS navaid selection for navigation and display - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Implemented navaid tuning state discretes and integrate with EFIS - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Make ILS course and slope available for database navaids - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FMS] Send tuned navaids to the EFIS - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FUEL] Eliminate bug with inner tank zeroing when re/de-fueling - @Taz5150 (TazX - [Z+2]#0405)
  • [FWC] Add FLAP LVR NOT ZERO warning above FL200 - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] Add GND SPLR NOT ARMED warning - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] Add SPD BRK STILL OUT warning - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] Add fuel low warnings - @Eearslya (Eearslya#7831)
  • [FWC] Added takeoff surveillance 1 warnings and various other improvements - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] Improve takeoff config/range warnings - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [FWC] Target a modern FWC version - @beheh (Benedict Etzel)
  • [HYD] Added priority valves - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Adjusted low speed pumps efficiency / cargo doors refactor - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Faster core hydraulics solver - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Fix gear sequence starting when failing prox sensor - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] New aerodynamic model for RAT turbine / Added A320 RAT anti stall valve system - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] RAT code refactor to allow for hyd or elec rat design - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Realistic randomized yellow accumulator starting state - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Refactor THS to work with both mechanical and electrical control - @lukecologne (luke)
  • [HYD] Simple temperature simulation - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Simulation of the rudder mechanical assembly and yaw dampers - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [HYD] Trimmable physical assemblies - @Crocket63 (crocket)
  • [ISIS] Show baro correction during power-up sequence - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [LIGHTS] Redid all cockpit interior lighting and fixed exterior wing lights - @FinalLightNL (FinalLight#2113)
  • [MCDU/ND] Implemented SPECIF VOR/D UNAVAIL message - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Fix EFOB and FUEL PRED get dashed out at TOD - @Revyn112 (Revyn112#1010)
  • [MCDU] Fix flight plan page approach name formatting - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Fix negative EFOB on F-PLN page - @Revyn112 (Revyn112#1010)
  • [MCDU] Fix negative EFOB on FLIGHT PLAN page - @Revyn112 (Revyn112#1010)
  • [MCDU] Fix no overfly shown on forced turn on F-PLN page, return to F-PLN page on TMPY insert - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Implemented NAVAID page - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Implemented SELECTED NAVAIDS page - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Implemented TUNE BBB FFF.FF, SPECIF NDB UNAVAIL messages - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Re-implemented RADIO NAV page - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MCDU] Reset of flight plan and stored data on Database switch - @Maverickwoe (Garoomf#4683)
  • [MISC] Added aircraft version check and user notification - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [MISC] Added extras-host for non aircraft systems like version-check, key interceptor, etc. - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [MISC] Added workaround/fix for rendering issue with MSFS checklist - @Chryssie (Chryssie#1984)
  • [MISC] Enable parking brake so aircraft does not move during pre-flight cinematic - @saschl (saschl#9432)
  • [MISC] Flight deck brightness and lighting is set automatically at spawn - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MODEL] Change pitch trim scale to correct neo scale - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MODEL] Fix mouse collision boxes for the fire guards on the overhead - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [MODEL] Fixed cargo door animations - @drunkpupper25
  • [MODEL] Modified wheelchocks and safety cone behaviour based on beacon switch position - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [MODEL] Working windshield wipers - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [ND] Do not draw background when busses are not powered - @saschl (saschl#9432)
  • [ND] Fixed LOC deviation scaling - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [ND] Fixed RNP <= 0.3 indications to appear more reliably and consistently - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [ND] Improve accuracy of plane icon - @tracernz (Mike)
  • [PFD] Corrected low VLS near max flight level - @lukecologne (luke)
  • [PFD] Fix PFD altitude indications - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [PRESS] Merge pressurization and air conditioning system - @mjuhe (Miquel Juhe)
  • [RMP] RMPs navigation backup - Julian Sebline (Julian Sebline#8476 on Discord)
  • [SD] Port SD to full react-based instrument - @saschl (saschl#9432)
  • [SEC] Fix GND SPLR logic, add missing GND SPLR partial extension condition - @lukecologne (luke)
  • [SOUND] Fix announcements playing twice and adding check for power to PA - @frankkopp (Frank Kopp)
  • [SYSTEM] Introduce Typescript based systems in VCockpit17 - @svengcz (Sven)
  • [SYSTEM] Overrided Simvar Getter and Setter functions to reduce allocations and improve performance - @saschl (saschl#9432)
  • [SYSTEM] Update Simbridge Client fetching and state checking - @Maximilian-Reuter (Chaoz#3065)
  • [W/B] Phase 1 of refactoring payload (passenger and cargo) logic into rust systems - @2hwk (2Cas#1022)