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Stable Release v0.7.5

This release provides compatibility with the update for SU9 - We've also included a few minor fixes to various features.


This release does not contain our new custom FMS version 1 (cFMS v1).

Please use this version 0.7.5 if you wish to stay on the default FMS. We strongly recommend using Development and the new FMS unless the v0.7.0 base for third-party compatibility is needed.

For a detailed release changelog - see below

See Previous Release - v0.7.0

See Previous Release - v0.7.1

See Previous Release - v0.7.2

See Previous Release - v0.7.3

See Previous Release - v0.7.4

Downloads available through our installer or website.

Throttle calibration is required - Guide Here.

Please see our Support Guide and Reported Issues.


This is a curated list of changes:

  • [PFD] Prevent going blank with invalid frequency - @Saschl
  • [FMGC] Fix FMGC not initializing in SU9 - @Benjozork
  • [ATHR] Fix engine loss when 100% throttle is written @aguther