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Installer Release v3.3.0

We have updated the FBW Installer to version 3.3.0. It features new UI elements to provide better information to our users, optimized performance with more reliable downloads, and diagnostic codes for troubleshooting errors.

See full Changelog below.

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Installer Release Notes

This is the first release notes provided through our documentation website. We aim to continue providing detailed release notes for our users here and within the installer.

Note: Our installer automatically updates. Verify your version in the Settings -> About section of the FBW Installer.


  • New backend system providing more reliable downloads, less RAM usage, recovery in the event of a connection loss, and support for stream downloading which allows downloading very large packages without impacting system performance
  • The installer now displays download/install size information before updating, and will verify that enough space is available on disk before starting a download. Note that this is not available for some addons
  • The install progress UI has been improved to show more relevant information
  • Seamless updates are now possible for large parts of the installer content, removing the need for downloading installer updates in many cases
  • Uninstalling will no longer freeze the app for a short amount of time
  • Errors now show a code that can be given to support for quick diagnostic
  • External apps that the installer can close can now be stopped from the modal that appears if running programs block an install or update
  • SimBridge no longer required to be closed when updating the A32NX