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Stable Release v0.7.2

This release constitutes a patch to Stable v0.7.0 and incorporates various fixes.

For a detailed release changelog - see below

See Previous Release - v0.7.0 See Previous Release - v0.7.1

Downloads available through our installer or website.

Throttle calibration is required - Guide Here.

Please see our Support Guide and Reported Issues.


This is a curated list of changes roughly grouped by ATA chapters.

ATA 22: Auto Flight - Flight Management

  • [MCDU] Hide POSITION UPDATE AT field on PROG page when GPS is available - @BlueberryKing (BlueberryKing)
  • [MCDU] Sort approaches by type - @tracernz (Mike)

ATA 22: Auto Flight

  • [AP] Added support for event AUTOPILOT_DISENGAGE_SET to disengage AP - @aguther (Andreas Guther)
  • [AP] Fixed VMAX speed protection for several modes not working properly - @aguther (Andreas Guther)
  • [AP] Reduced speed margin of speed protections to 5 kn - @aguther (Andreas Guther)
  • [FBW/AP/ATHR] Added local variables to enable logging of flight controls and/or throttle events - @aguther (Andreas Guther)
  • [FBW/AP/ATHR] Only enable client data section when a model runs externally - @aguther (Andreas Guther)
  • [FCU] Autopilot button integ light brightness corrected - @tracernz (Mike)


  • [META] Remove pixels - @2hwk