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Stable Release v0.8.1

This release includes various bugfixes and a notable change to how our disable AI assists feature works. See the warning below!

For our VR users we have added the missing PilotVR default camera entry to work around an MSFS issue. You can read more about the issue - here.

MSFS AI Assistance

Due to 3rd party mods that bypass the method we have implemented to disable AI assists we have decided to no longer force the assistance functions. This would cause issues if we update our flight model and these 3rd party mods are installed.

Having any AI features or assistance features switched on created some stability issues with our custom systems:

  • A/THR failing to arm or activate.
  • Engines turning off in-flight or after takeoff.
  • Constant right or left rudder.
  • Inability to taxi.

Read our Recommended Settings Page

See Previous Release - v0.8.0

For a full release changelog - see here

Recommended Settings

Before your first flight please make sure to read our Recommended Settings guide.

Important User Experience Changes

Please note the following changes:

  • Custom Flight Management System
    • See the Special Notes Section on our custom FMS page for details on the topics below:
      • Weather and Terrain are now inoperable as we wait for Asobo implementations.
      • MSFS Built-in ATC and VFR maps are on limited support.
  • Discontinuities may now appear in your flight plan — they are a feature and not a bug.
  • Throttle calibration is mandatory.

Downloads available through our installer.

Please see our Support Guide and Reported Issues.


  • [ATHR] Initialize throttle position to IDLE
  • [ATSU] Fixes for NXApi-Freetext and CPDLC Logon-issues
  • [BUILD] Installer version detection
  • [FBW] Rudder stuck on one side
  • [FMGC] Clean up unneeded changes from #7114 (DIR TO with anticipated turn)
  • [GENERAL] Do no longer force disable assistance
  • [GENERAL] Ensure notifications are dismissed on exit to main menu
  • [GENERAL] Only show warning due to enabled assistants when in cockpit
  • [ISIS] Force css animations
  • [SOUND] Prevent autopilot sound on Cold and Dark spawn
  • [VR] Update cameras.cfg

Build System

  • build: port metadata script to nodejs (#7133)
  • ci: Upload to GitHub Pre-Release Assets (#7154)
  • ci: recognise external downloads in installer (#7062)
  • fix(ci): GitHub workflows failing on old assets (#7160)
  • fix(ci): upload addon packages for manual download to CDN (#7153)
  • fix(ci): workflow failing


  • feat: added new events to SPAD.neXt reference (#7172)