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Stable Release v0.9.1

We've released a small patch to fix the metadata found in MSFS content manager to properly reflect the stable version is installed. We've also contacted our ground staff to properly switch the INOP sticker to the correct colors.

All flights are now cleared for departure. Happy Flying!

Previous Feature Releases

See Previous Release - v0.9.0

stable 090 graphic

For a full release changelog - see here.

Recommended Settings

Before your first flight please make sure to read our Recommended Settings guide.

Important User Experience Changes

Please note the following changes:

  • SimBridge is now required to use the MCDU Remote Display, external printer, and the new Local Files feature.

    SimBridge Guides Here

  • Custom Flight Management System

    • See the Special Notes Section on our custom FMS page for details on the topics below:
      • Weather and Terrain are now inoperable as we wait for Asobo implementations.
      • MSFS Built-in ATC and VFR maps are on limited support.
  • Discontinuities may now appear in your flight plan — they are a feature and not a bug.
  • Throttle calibration is mandatory.

Downloads available through our installer.

Please see our Support Guide and Reported Issues.


  • Fixed version metadata displayed in content manager
  • Fixed wrong inop sticker shown in cockpit