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flyPad Navigation & Charts

With a valid Navigraph subscription, the FlyByWire flyPad allows access to all Navigraph charts from within the flyPad.

Authentication to Navigraph

Before you can use the Navigraph integration, the flyPad will ask you to authenticate and authorize Navigraph once.

You will be redirected to (Settings Page -> 3rd Party Options) where you can link your account.

For more information see SimBrief and Navigraph Integration.

Map Controls

After authenticating, you will have access to the Navigraph page where you can list available charts for airports, view and pin them, etc. See the list of controls below.

Enter any airport ICAO or click on the buttons to choose either the origin, destination or alternate airport.

Select the chart group to see the corresponding charts in the list.

Click on a chart to open it. Click the pin if you want this specific chart to be available in the pins.

Rotate the chart to be 45°, either anti-clockwise or clockwise.

  • fit the chart vertically into the display
  • fit the chart horizontally into the display
  • reset the zoom
  • increase the zoom
  • decrease the zoom

  • show the chart in full-screen
  • light and dark mode switching

Local Files

FlyByWire SimBridge Required

For accessing local files from the PC, the FlyByWire SimBridge is required. This server is necessary as the sim itself does not allow access to arbitrary files on the PC.

See our documentation on how to install and configure the SimBridge.


Local files (images, PDF) stored in a specific folder (see below) on the PC will be listed and can be opened similar to the Navigraph charts.

The controls are similar to the Navigraph chart view (see above) although there will not be a light and dark mode.

Where to Store Local Files

The local files need to be stored in the following folders (located by default in your community directory):

Type Folder Location
Images <SimBridge-Install-Folder>\resources\images
PDFs <SimBridge-Install-Folder>\resources\pdfs

The feature does not support any subfolders (yet).

Pinned Charts

Available charts can be pinned by clicking on the pin symbol. The pinned charts are then available in this tab and also in the charts-widget on the Dashboard.

Click on edit to unpin charts. Of course, this can also be done by unchecking the pin symbol in the chart lists.

You can also remove all pinned charts at once by clicking the Remove All button (trash can) above the charts.

Pinned charts can be sorted by selecting one of the sort options.

img.png Pinned charts can be searched by typing the search term into the search field. Select where to search in the dropdown.