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Versions and Features

Version Overview

Development will have the latest features that will eventually end up in the next stable release.

In general, this version has the latest fixes and newest features but also a slightly higher risk of containing bugs as features had less time to be used and tested by users.

This version updates often, and occasionally several times a day. We recommend updating this version via our installer before every start of the simulator.

Every addition to the development version is code-reviewed and tested by several people, our QA Team and also interested users. In general, it tends to be very stable and robust.

The latest additions to this version can be seen either in the official CHANGELOG or the commits to the master branch of the project: GitHub Commits to Master

"Stable Version"

Current Stable Version -

Stable is our version which contains features that are the most mature and most tested. This should be a reliable version for those users preferring stability over the newest features.

This version will not always be up-to-date, but we work hard at ensuring its compatibility with the current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

"Experimental Version"

This version is similar to the development version, but contains custom systems in earlier development phases.

We use this version to find problems, issues and to improve functionality based on your feedback. It is not meant to be used for daily use or when you try to do a serious flight on VATSIM.


The Experimental version has a less strict QA process and is used for actual QA testing. Bugs and Issues are to be expected.

Before using this version, please read the Experimental Version Support Page to see what is currently being tested.

The experimental version will be updated regularly and also with the latest changes to the Development version. Expect updates about once a week (not guaranteed).

Do not expect support for the experimental version - use at own risk!

We ask that you understand that we may not offer support for any experimental issues due to the nature of this version. We will happily answer questions, time permitting.

Version Comparison

See Latest Release Notes for Stable

For all changes made to the Development version since the last major release of the Stable version, refer to:

Last update: May 18, 2023