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Common Questions


Q: Where is the plane in-sim?

The A32NX is now a separate aircraft from the default, you need to select this aircraft in the 'aircraft selection' menu prior to loading the flight. The add-on will appear as a separate aircraft, select the FlyByWire Simulations A320neo (LEAP) in the aircraft selector instead of the Asobo one.

Q: Can I download the aircraft in the current state?

Yes, see Downloads.

Q: How do I install this aircraft?

Visit our Installation Guide.

Q: What liveries are available?

Liveries for the default A320neo will not be compatible with the A32NX. We recommend downloading compatible liveries from

Convert Your Liveries: - See our guide to liveries

Q: Do we have a simBrief profile for the A32NX?

Yes, we have one available for our Stable, Development, and Experimental versions. You can find the most updated profiles by visiting our Simbrief Airframes here.

Q: When will it be released?

The project is an ongoing rolling release. See Downloads.

Q: When is the next update?

We don't know when the next update will be, however you can keep track of development via commit logs and Stable release logs here.

Q: How do I join the team?

Head over to A32NX Development Overview and join our Discord to get started.

Q: Is it payware?

No, it is a completely free aircraft, open-source.

Q: How do we report bugs?

Report bugs to us in the Discord server, under the #a32nx-support channel, or by creating a GitHub issue.

Just make sure to search for existing issues first before creating a new one.

Q: Why is my version not the same as what I see others using?

We have three versions: Stable , Development, and Experimental.


The Stable version is a 'snapshot' of the development which we regard as stable with the current version of the simulator. See Downloads.


The Development build is updated daily and is a constant work in progress and although we test each update thoroughly, minor issues may occur from time to time. See Downloads.

Q: What is the Experimental Version?

Please read more here.


Q: I cannot hear the Flaps or PTU in the cockpit anymore?

This will be the case in the current Development build and future Stable builds. This change was made due to feedback from IRL A320 pilots who identified the sounds could not be heard from the cockpit IRL as they currently are in the simulator.

The PTU now has a toggleable switch on the EFB (flyPad) settings that allows you to hear it in the cockpit when it is running.

Q: Which lights should I turn on during taxi/takeoff/flight?

There are many fantastic tutorials online which demonstrate the proper use of lighting on the A320neo, take a look at this video from 320 Sim Pilot:

Q: Is the Hold function implemented yet?

Yes - the Hold function is available in the MCDU.

Q: Why is the overall interior lighting different? (Blue light effect on pedestal and displays)

Based on IRL A320 pilot feedback, the blue light effect can only be seen from images. Also, the pedestal should be dark at night to improve pilots' vision at night.

Q: Why does light bleed into the cockpit? Can this be fixed?

Unfortunately no - This is a deeper issue which will require work from the Asobo team.

Q: The new sounds are different than the default ones, why?

The default sounds were shared sounds from other default aircraft. The new sounds are accurate and very well developed based on the A320 and A320neo pilot feedback.

Last update: November 19, 2022