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Liveries Guide

Getting Liveries

Best source for liveries for FlyByWire A32NX is FBW A32NX @

Always keep liveries up to date

These liveries are especially made for the FlyByWire add-on. The default A320neo liveries do not work with the FlyByWire add-on any longer. See below how our Installer can help you convert default A320neo liveries.

Our recommendation is to download the dedicated FlyByWire liveries and also to keep the liveries up to date by regularly updating them. This is important as liveries are one of the main cause for issues and CTD (crash to desktop).

Converting Liveries

Do Not Convert Liveries

Although our current Installer (v2.x) still has this functionality we recommend to not convert old liveries any longer. Many liveries for the Asobo A320, especially the ones from livery collections are often very old, low quality and not maintained. They cause a number of issues and can even lead to CTDs (crash to desktop). Download a few high quality liveries you will actually use as described here: Getting Liveries.

Automatic Conversion

FlyByWire Installer v2.0.0 now handles livery conversions automatically for you. This method is supported by FlyByWire Simulations.

To start please ensure your installer is updated to version 1.2.0 or above. Make sure that all liveries you wish to convert for the A32NX are inside your community directory.

If you are using a separate directory for addons see Optional Steps.

Step 1

If your community directory has incompatible liveries you will be greeted by the following prompt when launching our installer:

installer conversion one

Step 2

Click Convert and the prompt will expand offering you the choice to select specific liveries or Select All. The image shows the difference between a non-selected and selected livery.

installer conversion two

Step 3

Select all liveries or as many as you'd like and press Confirm. Your liveries will now be converted. The progress bar will display 100% when all selected liveries have been successfully converted.

installer conversion four

You can confirm conversion by checking your community directory and checking that the new folder name is livery_folder_name_a32nx. You can now safely remove the older folders if you wish.

Optional Steps

If you are using an application to host your liveries in a separate directory you can visit the Settings at the bottom left of the installer.

Select the toggle for Separate Liveries Directory to select a path. installer conversion three

Manual Conversion


This guide is provided with no guarantee of compatibility and meant for the conversion of liveries for personal use.

No support will be provided

To manually convert a livery made for the default A320neo to work with the new FBW A32NX, you have to edit three files in that livery's folder.

Step One

Open the aircraft.cfg in ..\SimObjects\AirPlanes\NAME_OF_THE_LIVERY\

The following lines should look like this:

base_container = "..\FlyByWire_A320_NEO"
ui_type = "A320neo (LEAP)"
ui_manufacturer = "FlyByWire Simulations"

Step Two

Open the texture.cfg in ..\SimObjects\AirPlanes\NAME_OF_THE_LIVERY\TEXTURE.XXX

There's a fallback which points to the Asobo A320. It should now look like this:


(X = the number of the fallback)

Step Three

Open the model.cfg in ..\SimObjects\AirPlanes\NAME_OF_THE_LIVERY\MODEL.XXX

The two model lines should look like this:


Ready to go! Launch the sim and see if it worked.

Last update: January 17, 2022
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