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Wheel Chocks and GSE Safety Cones


This page details the safety equipment available when parked with the A32NX. Other than just looking gorgeous, the wheel chocks even apply some braking force to hold the aircraft in place.

The flight crew activates the Wheel Chocks and Safety Cones through the flyPad EFB Sim Option Settings. This simulates the ground crew automatically placing or removing the chocks or cones. The ground crew will determine if chocks and cones should be placed or removed based on specific criteria, which are described in the next section.

Wheel Chocks Wheel Chocks
GSE Safety Cone EFB Ground Buttons for Chocks and Cones


The Wheel Chocks and Safety Cones appear when the following conditions are given:

  • Chocks and/or Safety Cones are enabled in the flyPad EFB Sim Options Settings Page
  • Engines are off (ENG1+2 N1 < 3.5 %)
  • Beacon lights are off
  • Airplane is on ground
  • Airplane is not moving / rolling
  • Pushback is disconnected

The flyPad Ground page will show Wheel Chocks and/or Safety Cones in

  • green if this ground equipment is enabled and visible.
  • gray if this ground equipment is enabled but not visible due to the above criteria not being met.

If chocks are in place, there will be brake force applied to the aircraft, so it should not move even when the parking brake is disengaged.

If any of the above conditions are not given, the chocks and cones will disappear (ground crew will virtually have them removed).