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Audio Configuration

This page provides an overview of the various audio settings available in the A32NX and their respective functions.

These settings can be found on the EFB:

EFB Audio Settings

For information on the other settings available on the EFB, visit our flyPad Settings page.

Passenger Simulation

Cockpit Door

The cockpit door in the A32NX simulates a real A320 cockpit door, which in consequence dampens most of the sounds from the passenger cabin.

If you want to enjoy the Passenger Ambience sounds, make sure it is open.

We have included various settings that simulate flight crew interactions with passengers on board.

Passenger Ambience

If this setting is enabled, the following ambience sounds are played:

  • Boarding and deboarding sounds are triggered via the Payload tab on the Ground Services page on the EFB.
  • Once passengers are on the plane, a constant passenger ambience background sound plays.



Due to limitations with MSFS audio configurations, adding user customizable announcements/sounds is not easily possible.

If this setting is enabled, the following crew announcements are played.

Trigger Audio Played Speaker
Boarding Completed "Boarding Completed" announcement Flight Attendant
Boarding Completed + 30 s Captain makes a "Welcome on Board" announcement Captain
Beacon Light set to ON "Arm Doors" Announcement Flight Attendant
"Arm Doors" Announcement + 30 s Safety Demo On-Board System
TCAS mode switched to TA OR TA/RA "Prepare for Takeoff" Announcement Captain
Enter Cruise Phase + 30 s "Cruise" Announcement Captain
Enter Descent Phase + 30 s "Descent" Announcement Captain
Gear Down + Approach Phase Active "Prepare for Landing" Announcement Captain
Done Phase + Beacon Light set to OFF "Disarm Doors" Announcement Flight Attendant

Boarding Music

If enabled, music will be played during boarding.

Realism Settings


The PTU is generally not heard in the cockpit. As a passenger, we understand people may be used to this sound as it is very audible in the passenger cabin.

We have added a toggle to allow the PTU to be heard in the cockpit, which in real life is not the case.

Engine and Wind

  • Exterior Master Volume:

    • Volume for sounds audible when in external views.
  • Engine Interiors Sounds:

    • Volume for engine sounds when in interior views.
  • Wind Interior Volume:

    • Volume for wind sounds when in interior views.