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Vertical Speed Indicator


This vertical speed indicator is on the right side of the altitude indicator. The information is based on the inertial and barometric data. If the inertial data is not available, barometric information automatically replaces it.

Analog Pointer

This is a green line that extends upwards or downwards (depending on the rate of change) from the middle of the vertical speed indicator. If it is horizontal, the vertical speed is 0. It will point towards a white scale displayed on a gray background. This scale is at intervals of 500 feet per minute.

If the vertical speed is greater than 6000 feet per minute, the pointer stays at the end of the scale.

Digital Indication

This number is displayed at the tip of the analog pointer and displays the numerical value of the vertical speed (per hundred feet per minute). It disappears when the vertical speed is less than 200 feet per minute.

Both the analog pointer and the digital indication will become amber if:

  • The V/S is greater than ± 6000 feet per minute
  • The V/S is greater than 2000 feet per minute, during descent and when the radio altitude less than 2500 feet but above 1000 feet, or
  • The V/S is greater than 1200 feet per minute, during descent and when the radio altitude is less than 1000 feet.

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