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Flight Mode Annunciator

Flight Mode Annunciator Columns (Interactive)


The Flight Mode Annunciator (FMA) at the top of the PFD, shows the status of the A/THR, the AP/FD vertical and lateral modes, the approach capabilities, and the AP/FD-A/THR engagement status. It is divided into five columns, which are described in this section.

The FMA always show the actual state of autoflight and should always be the main reference for pilots in regard to autoflight.

The FMA has various ways to signify different states:

  • Active flight modes are displayed in green text.
  • Armed flight modes are displayed in cyan text.
  • Changed modes have a white box around the new annunciation for 10┬áseconds.

Each of the 5 columns at the top of the PFD will display different types of Flight Mode Annunciations. You can learn more about each annunciation by clicking on each column on the PFD below.

There are also some annunciations that take up two columns. These can either be Special Message Annunciations or Common Mode Annunciations.


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