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Flight Deck Overview

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Clickable Cockpit

  • Clickable overview of the A320neo flight deck.
  • Move the mouse over the panels to get the name of the panel.
  • Click on the panels to get a more detailed description of that panel.
ELT Panel
Cockpit Door Panel
Jump Seat Right Light
Circuit Breaker Panel
Pedestal Light
Maintenance Panel
Jump Seat Left Light
FMS Load Panel
PA and Cockpit Door Video
Flight Control Panel Left
Evacuation Panel
Emergency Electric Power Panel
Ground Proximity Warning Panel
Voice Recorder Panel
Oxygen Panel
Calls Panel
Wiper Panel Capt.
Fire Control Panel
Hydraulic Control Panel
Fuel Control Panel
Electricity Control Panel
Air Condition Control Panel
Anti Ice Control Panel
Cabin Pressure Control Panel
External Lights Panel
APU Panel
Internal Lighting Panel
Sign Panel
3rd Audio Control Panel
Flight Control Panel Right
Cargo Ventilation Panel
Cargo Smoke Panel
Ventilation Panel
Engine Manual Start and N1 Mode Panel
Wiper Panel F.O.
Flight Control Unit
EFIS Control Unit Capt.
EFIS Control Unit F.O.
Alarms and Warnings Capt.
Alarms and Warnings F.O.
Light Knobs
Light Knobs
Instrument Lighting Control Panel Capt.
PFD Capt.
ND Capt.
Terrain Switch for ND
Terrain Switch for ND
Instrument Lighting Control Panel F.O.
Integrated Standby Instrument System
Datalink Ctl and Display Unit
Upper ECAM: Engine and Warning Display
Lower ECAM: System Display
Autobrake and Gear
Accumulator Pressure Indication
Datalink Ctl and Display Unit
Switching Panel
ECAM Control Panel
MCDU Capt.
RMP and Audio Control Capt.
RMP and Audio Control F.O.
Thrust Lever and Pitch Trim
Engine Panel
Lighting Capt.
Radar Panel
Lighting, AIDS, DFDR F.O.
ATC and TCAS Panel
Speed Brake
Cockpit Door Panel
Rudder Trim
Parking Brake
Gravity Gear Extension
Console Capt.
Console F.O.

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Last update: August 25, 2023