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Air Condition Control Panel

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Air Conditioning Panel

API Documentation: AC Panel API


The air conditioning system operation is fully automatic and refreshes air constantly and maintains the temperature in the aircraft.

The two air conditioning packs (PACK 1+2) operate automatically and independently of each other.



  • 12 o'clock position : 24 °C (76 °F).
  • COLD position : 18 °C (64 °F).
  • HOT position : 30 °C (86 °F).


  • ON:
    • Hot air is provided
  • OFF:
    • Hot air valve is closed. FAULT is reset.
  • FAULT:
    • Amber light and ECAM caution when overheat is detected. (> 88 °C/190 °F). Valves close automatically. Below 70 °C (158 °F) or if the flight crew selects OFF, the FAULT light goes OFF.

PACK 1 + 2

  • ON:
    • The pack flow control valve is automatically controlled.
  • OFF:
    • The pack flow control valve closes.
  • FAULT:
    • Amber light and ECAM caution if the pack flow control valve position disagrees with the selected position, or in the case of compressor outlet overheat or pack outlet overheat.

PACK FLOW selector

  • Permits the selection of pack valve flow, according to the number of passengers and ambient conditions (smoke removal, hot or wet conditions).
  • LO (80 %) - NORM (100 %) - HI (120 %).
  • Irrelevant in single pack operation, or with APU bleed supply. Always HI in these cases.
  • If cooling demand cannot be satisfied will go to 100 % even when the setting is LO.

RAM AIR (guarded)

  • ON:
    • The RAM air inlet opens.
    • If Δp >= 1 psi: The outflow valve control remains normal. No emergency RAM air flows in.
    • If Δp < 1 psi: The outflow valve opens to about 50 % when under automatic control. It does not automatically open when it is under manual control. Emergency RAM airflow is directly supplied to the mixer unit.
    • When DITCHING is pressed, this is closed.
  • OFF:
    • The RAM air inlet closes.

Currently not available or INOP in the FBW A32NX for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


  • ON:
    • Bleed pressure is provided
  • FAULT:
    • Amber light and an ECAM caution, if:
      • overpressure downstream of the bleed valve.
      • bleed air overheat.
      • wing or engine leak on the related side.
      • bleed valve is not closed during engine start.
      • bleed valve is not closed with APU bleed ON. It goes out when the ENG BLEED pushbutton switch is OFF or if the fault has disappeared.
  • OFF:
    • The bleed valve and HP valve close. The white OFF light comes on.


  • ON:
    • The APU valve opens if APU N > 95 %. The blue ON light comes on.
  • OFF:
    • The APU valve closes.
  • FAULT:
    • Amber light and an ECAM caution, when the system detects an APU leak.

X-BLEED selector

  • AUTO:
    • Crossbleed valve is open if the APU bleed valve is open. It is closed if the APU bleed valve is closed or, in case of a wing, pylon, or APU leak (except during engine start).
  • OPEN:
    • Crossbleed valve is open.
  • CLOSE:
    • Crossbleed valve is closed.

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