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Auxiliary Power Unit

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APU Panel

API Documentation: APU Panel API


The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a small jet engine in the back of the A320neo which supplies the aircraft with pneumatic and electrical power.



Controls the APU operation and its start- and shutdown sequence.

  • ON:
    • Blue ON light.
    • APU system is powered (performs a power-up test after set to ON).
    • APU Air intake flap opens.
    • Fuel valve opens.
    • The APU uses fuel from the left wing tank only.
    • If both main fuel pumps in the left wing tank are off, the APU Fuel Pump will be automatically activated.
    • ECAM shows APU page
  • OFF:
    • Manual shutdown sequence.
    • ON light and the AVAIL light on the START pushbutton, go off.
    • The APU keeps running for a cooling period of 60 seconds, if the aircraft was using APU bleed air.
    • Air inlet flap closes at N = 7 %
  • FAULT Lt:
    • Amber light and ECAM warning message, if an automatic APU shutdown occurs. Possible causes:
      • Air inlet flap closed
      • Clogged oil filter
      • DC power lost (BAT OFF when aircraft on batteries only)
      • ECB failure
      • EGT overtemperature
      • Fire (on ground only)
      • High oil temperature
      • IGV failure
      • Inlet overheat
      • Loss of EGT thermocouples
      • Loss of overspeed protection
      • Low oil pressure
      • No acceleration
      • No flame
      • No speed
      • Oil system shutdown
      • Overcurrent
      • Overspeed
      • Reverse flow
      • Sensor failure
      • Slow start
      • Underspeed


  • ON:
    • Blue ON light.
    • Starter is energized when the flap is completely open.
    • Ignition activates 1.5 seconds after the starter is energized.
    • When N = 55 %. The APU starter is de-energized. The ignition is turned off.
    • 2 seconds after N reaches 95 %, or when N is above 99.5 % the ON light on START button goes out. The APU can now supply bleed air and electrical power to the aircraft.
    • APU page disappears from the ECAM display after > 10 s.
  • AVAIL Lt:
    • Green light comes on when N is above 99.5 % or 2 seconds after N reaches 95 %.

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