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Welcome to the A32NX Beginner's Guide. Although this guide is tailored towards beginners, each topic below may even serve as reminders of proper procedure at different stages of flight for veteran sim pilots.

Each page was reviewed by an A320 type rated pilot and provides accurate information to aircraft operation.

The Preflight page contains guides on how to set up relevant data and configurations before starting your flight. We recommend starting there.

Airline SOP

Please be aware that different airlines may have slightly different procedures at different stages of flight.

For Simulation Use Only

Starting the Aircraft
Preparing the MCDU
Engine Start and Taxi
Takeoff, Climb, and Cruise
Descent Planning and Descent
Approach and ILS Landing
After Landing and Taxi to Gate
Powering Down

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Authors: Awemeter#3110, Cdr_Maverick#6475, Scoopy#1399, Valastiri#8902

Guide reviewed by A320 Pilots.