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Integrated Standby Instrument System

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Integrated Standby Instrument System

API Documentation: ISIS Panel


The Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS) integrates the 4 classical standby instruments (Compass, Horizon, Airspeed, Altimeter) into one single instrument.

The ISIS system displays the following information:

  • Attitude
  • Airspeed and mach
  • Altitude
  • Barometric pressure
  • LS function
  • Bugs


”+” / “-”

  • Used to adjust the level of brightness.


  • Pressing the LS pb will display the LS scales. Pressing the LS pb again will remove the LS scales.


  • Pressing the BUGS pushbutton will activate the BUGS function and display the bug values to be selected.

SPD BUG and ALT BUG columns:

  • The SPD BUG column gives four speed values (in knots) that can be selected by the crew.
  • The ALT BUG column gives two altitude values (feet) to be selected by the crew.

BUGS value selection knob

  • It allows the bug value to be set by rotating the BARO knob. This value cannot be lower than 30 kt for a speed bug, or a negative value for an altitude bug.
  • Pressing the BARO setting knob, once a bug value box is activated, will deselect the bug value.
  • The “OFF” label comes on close to the activated box.
  • The entered values are memorized by the system, when exiting the screen, by pressing the BUGS pushbutton (1), or after 15 s without any pilot action.

“+” / ”-” box activation buttons

  • Access from one box to another is obtained by pressing the “+” or “–” pushbutton.
  • When a bug value is entered, access to the next box is obtained by pressing the “–” pushbutton. The box becomes active and flashes.
  • The “+” pushbutton can be used to return to a previous box.

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