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Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedal Settings


This guide will help you set up your pedals for use with the FlyByWire A32NX.

You do not need to install the Unified Drivers Package - 2018.FFD.2 driver as it will make the reset/calibration dialog unavailable. If you accidentally installed it, the driver can be removed from Add or remove programs in the Windows Start menu.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Control Options

1. Open Control Options

Open Control Options, choose your pedals and click on the Sensitivity button.

Rudder Control Settings

2. Confirm Calibration

Check that the mappings are correct. If you push the pedals forwards ("toe brakes"), the Joystick L-Axis X and Joystick L-Axis Y indicators should move from top right (0% brakes applied) to bottom left (100% brakes applied). If the Joystick L-Axis X/Y indicators behave differently, you will need to calibrate your pedals.

Rudder Sensitivity Settings

3. Reset and Calibrate (Optional)

  1. From the Windows Start menu or the Control Panel, search for Set up USB game controllers.
  2. Your game controllers should be displayed. Select your pedals (i.e., T-Rudder) from the list. Click the Properties button. USB Controller Settings
  3. From the Settings tab, click on Reset to default.
  4. Click on the Test tab to confirm the settings. The cursor should be displayed in the bottom-right corner (0% brakes applied) or top-left corner (100% brakes applied), while the Z-Axis indicator should be at 50% if the rudder is centered. Calibrated Settings

4. Define Deadzones (Optional)

If you experience rudder twitching, your deadzones might not be configured correctly.

  1. Download and install the Advanced Calibration Software from the Thrustmaster Support Page.
  2. Adjust the deadzones in the Calibration Tool until the flickering from the pedal sensors are contained. TPR Calibration Tool