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Number Indication Color Meaning
1 Limitations Blue Speed, Flight level
Approach procedures White (Red, Amber)
Procedures Blue Corrections to apply for landing
Information Green
2 Cancelled caution White
3 Inoperative system Amber List of inoperable systems
4 Maintenance status White
5 Arrow The arrow appears if the data on the STATUS page overflows the left or right area of the page. The flight crew can press the CLR pb, in order to scroll the display to view the overflow.

Each block above (limitation block, approach procedure block, etc.) is separated by a blank line.

A condition that is included in a limitation block and the associated action line that is included in the procedure block are separated by a blank line.

Example: Illustration with the ECAM alert ENG 1(2) SHUTDOWN. In this example, the action line “LDG DIST PROC … APPLY” applies only in the case of severe ice accretion.