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ECAM Systems Display

(Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring)

ECAM System Display Pages

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ECAM Control Panel

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STS has two links (left/right) to see Status page or Cruise page details.

Permanent Data


Number Name Variation Meaning
1 Permanent Data Left TAT Total Air Temperature is the SAT plus the temperature rise associated with high-speed flight.
SAT Static Air Temperature is the temperature of undisturbed air.
ISA Difference between SAT and the International Standard Atmosphere temperature (ISA) temperature. Only displayed in STD altitude mode.
2 Permanent Data Middle G LOAD G LOAD in amber when g load > 1.4g or < 0.7g for more than 2 s. Inhibited in some flight phases.
ALT SEL Selected altitude in green when metric units are selected and load factor not displayed.
UTC Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), synchronized with the cockpit clock.
3 Permanent Data Right Gross Weight (GW) Gross Weight in green as soon as first engine is started. Last digits dashed if accuracy is degraded. Blue dashes if no data is available.
ALL Amber Crosses XX Value not available.
Amber Dashes -- (over last digits) Value accuracy is degraded.