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Website Development


A guide that will help you get through the basics of getting started with development of the FlyByWire Simulations marketing website.

- Website Project GitHub


  • Git - A free and open-source version control system.
  • Figma - A free prototyping tool used to conceptualize UI designs and make mockups for desktop and mobile.
  • VS Code - A free code editor designed to make working with various languages quick and easier.
  • JetBrains - A paid IDE with an educational scheme. For more information on how to obtain a free license check here.

Relevant Documentation

A list of relevant documentation regularly used to aid the development of the website.

Getting Started

Although there are no requirements to getting started, having basic knowledge of Git, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will benefit anyone who decides to contribute towards the website.

Clone the repository to a safe place on your machine

git clone

Install dependencies

npm install

Start development server

npm run dev

Start a production server

npm run build
npm run start
To build the website for production, run the following commands.
npm run build
npm run export