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Discord Bot

This page details the available bot commands on the FlyByWire Simulations Discord server custom bot.

For information on how to contribute to bot development visit the Discord bot repository or contact the following users on Discord for assistance:

  • BenW#8484
  • █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀#2123
  • oim#0001

Discord Bot

Bot Commands


Command Description Alias
.adirs Display help with ADIRS alignment ---
.afloor Provides a link to the Alpha Floor Tool-Tip ---
.airframe Provides a link to the updated Simbrief airframe .simbrief
.assistance Explains to the user why assistance options should be disabled .assi
.audio Provides support information about A32NX audio configuration ---
.autopilot Provides a link to the autopilot/fly-by-wire page within docs .ap
.beginnerguide Provides a link to the Beginner Guide .bg
.briefing Provides a link to the A320neo Pilot Briefing .flightdeck
.cfms Provides information on the new cfms ---
.checklist Displays the checklist ---
.cpdlc Provide info and docs link for Hoppie ACARS .pdc
.ctrle Displays help regarding CTRL+E engine start .ctrl+e
.efb Inquire about the state of the EFB ---
.experimantal Explains the current state of the experimental build .exp
.fixinfo Provide information about the fix info feature ---
.flextemp Provides a link to the a32nx flex temp guide .flex
.freetext Provides a link to the FlyByWire free text feature guide .ft
.github provides the link to the A32NX GitHub Repository .repo
.liveries Provides a link to the A32NX liveries page .liv
.preflight Provides a link to the a32nx preflight guide ---
.printer Provides a link to the FlyByWire printer tutorial video ---
.remotemcdu Provides a link to the FlyByWire remote MCDU feature guide .mcdu
.rs Provides a link to the recommended settings docs guide ---
.screens Display help with avionics .screen
.import Shows how to use SimBrief integration .integration
.sop Displays first page of SOP and provides PDF download ---
.waypoint Provides a link to the a32nx data management guid .storedwaypoint
.takeoff Provides an explanation as to why there is no takeoff calculator for V-speeds or FLEX .calculator
.tcas Provides support information about A32NX AP/FD TCAS ---
.tiller Provides a link to the tiller feature guide .steer
.versions Explains the different A32NX versions ---
.weather Explains the current state of the weather and terrain radars in experimental .wx
.weights Provides a link to the fuel and weights docs guide .fuel


Command Description Alias
.addon addon not mod meme ---
.boratorium B O R A T ---
.boris boris soudn ---
.bruheg bruheg momen ---
.coffee Would you like some coffee? ---
.cowsay Emulates the famous UNIX program cowsay ---
.crak What's your sim version? ---
.default O_o ---
.fms That's how the real FMS draws it ---
.fridge fridge ---
.guard MEOW ---
.jaun just... Jaun ---
.merge GIT MERGE! ---
.mico mico! ---
.nut nut ---
.oim oim ---
.otter Well, it's an otter ---
.p3d No! ---
.poggers POG .pog
.pov Oof ---
.ptu Bark ---
.pw Whale noises ---
.shame Shame, shame, shame ---
.shomas oldest pilot ---
.xp XPlane .xplane


Command Description Alias
.donate Provides a link to the open collective ---
.goldenrules Provides an image describing the golden rules an Airbus pilot should follow .golden
.headwind Provides link to the Headwind Discord server .hw
.installer Provides link to the new installer ---
.latlong Provides a cheat sheet for conversion between Latitude and longitude coordinates between short and long format .llfix
.msfsdisc Provides link to Microsoft Flight Simulator discord server .fsdisc
.qa Links to the Quality Assurance docs page ---
.roadmap FBW Roadmap .goals
.salty Provides link to salty discord server .sal
.synaptic Provides link to synaptic discord server .syn
.translate Provides information on how to contribute to various FlyByWire translation efforts ---
.when Explain the absence of release dates or ETAs ---
.thumb Answers the big question, will it have FEATURE? .willithave
.xbox Short response + link to NOTAM for xbox marketplace .xboxmarketplace


Command Description Alias
.ban --- ---
.faq Sends the FAQ ---
.roleassignment Sends the role assignment messages ---
.rules Sends the rules ---
.timeout --- ---
.unban --- ---
.untimeout --- .removetimeout
.welcome Sends the welcome ---
.whois Provides an embedded message with information about the mentioned user ---


Command Description Alias
.abbreviations Links to most commonly used abbreviations .abb
.airac Provides information about free SimBrief account AIRAC limitations ---
.build Link to docs for build info .build info
.calibrate Provides a help for throttle calibration ---
.clean Clean Install .clean install
.community Help to identify community folder for support .com
.content Help to identify aircraft version for support .contentmanager
.controls Instructions on how to switch back to legacy controls and how to use new controls ---
.ctd Crash to Desktop .crash
.cursor Displays steps to help with EFB cursor focus issue .efbfocus
.deadzones Display help with controller deadzones .dz
.dx12 Explaination for the current state of MSFS DirectX12 support ---
.discontinuity Link to docs about discontinuities .disco
.fdr Information on how to provide fdr files ---
.hud How to disable in-game HUD .logs
.installerlogs Provides an explanation on how to receive installer error logs for support ---
.manualleg Displays image and links to docs about manual waypoints .vm
.msfs Provides links to MSFS support for sim issues .msfsforum
.navdata Provides help with Navigraph navdata reinstall ---
.reportedissues Provides a link to the reported issues page within docs .issues
.screenshot Help to screenshot for support .cockpit
.simversion Help to identify MSFS version for support .msfsversion
.trythis Provide basic troubleshooting steps ---
.tug Provides a solution to an issue where the tug fails to disconnect .stuck
.utf8 Provides a link to resolve UTF-8 issues ---
.wasm Explains the long loading times after an install or update .load
.where Provides an image of which aircraft to select in the aircraft selector ---


Command Description Alias
.avatar Shows the selected user's avatar .av
.birthday Handles adding & removing user birthdays ---
.count counts in the count thread ---
.help Sends a list of available commands to the user ---
.membercount Lists the guild's current amount of members ---
.metar Provides the METAR report of the requested airport ---
.ping Send back a message ---
.roleinfo Lists the guild's current amount of members ---
.station Provides station information ---
.wa Queries the Wolfram Alpha API .calc
.zulu Get the current time at a given UTC-offset timezone ---


Update _ May 2022

  • refactor: add .ninjo alias to .salty (16/05/2022)
  • feat: add birthday command (12/05/2022)
  • refactor: weight and balance command (11/05/2022)
  • feat: recommended settings command (11/05/2022)
  • docs(exp): Update support wording (09/05/2022)
  • fix(dependabot): ignore patch versions (05/05/2022)
  • fix: reword .xbox command and change category (05/05/2022)
  • fix: Include stable in wx command (04/05/2022)
  • chore: add dependabot config (02/05/2022)

Update _ April 2022

  • refactor: updated Synaptic discord invite link (30/04/2022)
  • docs: copy changelog and command listing from docs repo (29/04/2022)
  • ci: fix ci linting check (29/04/2022)
  • feat: add headwind server invite link (26/04/2022)
  • feat: Wolfram Alpha command (26/04/2022)
  • refactor: simbrief import link (25/04/2022)
  • ci: eslint (25/04/2022)
  • lint: fix existing linting issues (24/04/2022)
  • feat: lat/long fixes cheatsheet (24/04/2022)
  • feat: add .msfsdisc (24/04/2022)
  • fix: github command category change (23/04/2022)
  • feat: .zulu command (23/04/2022)
  • feat: salty server invite command (19/04/2022)
  • feat: a32nx github link command (19/04/2022)
  • refactor(experimental): add new reporting thread to command (17/04/2022)
  • feat: translate command (16/04/2022)
  • feat(ping): add bad word filer (15/04/2022)
  • fix(README): add light theme option (15/04/2022)
  • feat: add AIRAC command (14/04/2022)
  • refactor(clean): remove search query string from hyperlink (13/04/2022)
  • feat: abb and abrv aliases to abbreviation command (13/04/2022)
  • fix: various .metar improvements (12/04/2022)
  • fix: metar/station command error handling (12/04/2022)
  • feat: added .mico (12/04/2022)
  • feat: add .abbreviations command (11/04/2022)
  • fix: fixed hyperlink for calibrate command (11/04/2022)
  • refactor: replace p3d (10/04/2022)
  • docs(README): update logo location (09/04/2022)
  • feat: .pw command (08/04/2022)
  • chore: adds the AGPLv3 license (08/04/2022)
  • fix: station units (01/04/2022)

Update _ March 2022

  • feat: more detailed beginner guide command (30/03/2022)
  • feat: add .count (29/03/2022)
  • refactor: changed donate.ts name constructor from array to string (29/03/2022)
  • feat: add .shomas (28/09/2022)
  • rafactor: experimental command info + copy layout (26/03/2022)
  • feat: tcas command (23/03/2022)
  • docs: update .experimental to reflect the new changes to the version (22/03/2022)
  • fix: updated scamlogs to make links unclickable (18/03/2022)
  • feat: add suggested commands (18/03/2022)
  • refactor: audio.ts command category (14/03/2022)
  • feat: make audio command (14/03/2022)
  • refactor: cfms command (14/03/2022)
  • fix: prevent various crashes in timeout and untimeout (12/03/2022)
  • feat: .timeout (12/03/2022)
  • feat: role assignment (10/03/2022)
  • refactor: update commands that reference status of experimental branch (06/03/2022)
  • fix: crash when old message deleted or updated (02/03/2022)

Update _ February 2022

  • fix: DM crash (28/02/2022)
  • fix: whois offline status (28/02/2022)
  • fix: node_modules error (23/02/2022)
  • feat: update to discord.js v13 and API v9 (23/02/2022)

Last update: May 16, 2022
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