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Advanced Cockpit Emulator

ace, or Advanced Cockpit Emulator, is a project aiming to provide a complete avionics development environment for Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft.


ace is meant to be used by developers and is not a finished or polished product. It is a work in progress and is not meant to be used by end users.

We do not provide support for ace at this time. You can ask on our Discord's #dev-support channel, but we cannot guarantee a response.


Cockpit panel display

ace can display cockpit panels in the browser, with nearly identical rendering.

SimVar support

Simulation Variables and Local Variables exist for instruments to read and write to.

Coherent API mocking

The MSFS CoherentGT engine API is emulated in ace, including the call, trigger and on functions.


  1. Clone locally
  2. Go to the clone's folder and do npm i --force
  3. Run ace with npm start
  4. After running the program, select New Project and choose the locations of all your folders. (see [below] (#example-config))
  5. Add a Web Instrument to localhost:9696 (right-click on the project canvas)
  6. Open a new terminal and go to your aircaft clone folder and run: npm run serve:efb This allows to see any changes to the instrument's code nearly instantaneously.

To interact with the EFB via mouse, you need to click enter to turn on interactive mode.

Example Config

Example Configuration for ace
    "name": "a32nx",
    "paths": {
        "instrumentSrc": "src\\instruments\\src",
        "bundlesSrc": "src\\instruments\\aceBundles",
        "htmlUiSrc": "flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo\\html_ui"


  • flyPad: remember to press Enter for Interactive Mode to turn on the flyPad

Instrument Setup

Each instrument's config.json should use this format:

Example Instrument Configuration
  "index": "./index.tsx",
  "isInteractive": true,
  "name": "DU3",
  "dimensions": {
    "width": 1480,
    "height": 1100

Your rollup should output to a bundles folder within your project using this structure:

Example Folder Structure
- bundles
  - MFD
    - bundle.js
    - bundle.css
  - PFD
    - bundle.js
    - bundle.css