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FlyByWire Simulations consists of several projects to allow efficient and quick development of various aspects of each project.

Current Projects:

  • A32NX

    Main project where the actual FlyByWire A32NX is developed

  • Installer

    Project for developing and improving the FlyByWire Installer.

  • Docs

    Documentation project to manage and improve documentation for our users. This includes documentation about the A32NX, general sim-pilot documentation, and documentation about development for the A32NX.

  • Discord Bot

    FlyByWire Simulations custom bot commands list and changelog. Provides a quick overview of available support commands and changes to bot development.

  • Website

    Marketing website for FlyByWire Simulations

  • msfs-rs

    A Rusty way to interact with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Last update: November 27, 2021
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