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Runway Conditions

The runway condition codes are provided in the ATIS or NOTAM report in the field condition report (FICON) section. It is important to note that not all states or countries have implemented FICONs and the report does not need to be generated if the runway is dry. The flight crew should always use all available weather information to determine what code to use for planning.

RWY Condition Codes

These will be in the form X/Y/Z, where X is the code for the first third of the runway length, Y is the code for the middle third of the runway length, and Z is the code for the last third of the runway length. See the Runway Correlation Matrix below for additional information.

For our landing perf calculator:

  • 5 is Good
  • 4 is Good-Medium
  • 3 is Medium
  • 2 is Medium-Poor
  • 1 is Poor

Codes are not required to be given when the runway is dry, so if no code is given, and there is no weather information to the contrary, you can assume the runway is dry. Remember to use all available weather information to determine of what code to use.

You should use the lowest code for the section of runway you will be using for landing. Normally, all runway sections should be considered, unless you are certain that your landing distance allows you to stop or use a runway turnoff before the last third of the runway. For example, if the code is 5/3/3, you should use a code of 3 (Medium) for your landing distance calculation.

Runway Condition

It provides runway condition codes (the numbers X/X/X) for each third of the specified runway, as well as a text description of the surface condition and the time of the report.

Runway Correlation Matrix

Condition Code
Braking Action Representative
Surface Condition
Maximum Allowable
Crosswind for Landing
6 Dry Dry 38 knots
5 Good Wet
Up to 3 mm (1/8") Snow or Slush
38 knots
4 Good
Compacted Snow at or below - 15 °C 29 knots
3 Medium More than 3 mm (1/8") Snow
Compacted Snow above 15 °C
25 knots
2 Medium
More than 3 mm (1/8") Standing Water or Slush 20 knots
1 Poor Ice 15 knots