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Starting SimBridge


Autostart is a feature provided by the FlyByWire Installer that allows SimBridge to be autostarted upon Windows start. SimBridge will live in the system tray, similar to Navigraph Simlink.


Upon installation of SimBridge you will be prompted to enable autostart, You can choose to enable or disable autostart. autostart promp


If you choose to have autostart disabled, you can still start SimBridge from the installer

Manual Start

If you choose not to enable autostart, you can open SimBridge via the installer. Just select the Start button. SimBridge running

If this is not your preference, or it fails to start, you can also open the tool by opening the fbw-simbridge.exe found in the folder, flybywire-externaltools-simbridge, in the community folder. SimBridge executable location

Stopping SimBridge

There are several avenues to stop SimBridge to provide flexibility to you as the user, this also includes stopping SimBridge from a remote device.


  • The simplest way is via the installer and selecting the stop button on the SimBridge page.

Tray Icon

  • By right-clicking the tray icon in your system tray and selecting Exit, you can also stop SimBridge.

    quit SimBridge

API Endpoint

  • You can stop SimBridge by calling the health endpoint via http://{host machine IP}:{selected port}/health/kill
  • For example

Task Manager

  • If you encounter issues when closing SimBridge normally, you can kill the fbw-simbridge.exe process in Task Manager. task manager stop