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You can configure SimBridge to provide you with options that best suit your needs.



Make sure to Save or Discard any settings you might've changed in order for the settings to be reflected in SimBridge.


If SimBridge is running make sure to stop and then start the service in order for SimBridge to load the modified settings.

Server Settings

This tab is dedicated to settings regarding the SimBridge server itself.

  • Port
    • You can modify SimBridge's hosted port.
    • Default: 8380


    If this is changed make sure to reflect the same port in the EFB.

Printer Settings

This tab is for modifying settings regarding printing data from the MCDU to your physical printer.

  • Enabled
    • A simple option to enable or disable the printer function as a whole.
    • Default: False
  • Printer Name
    • This is a dropdown list that lists all of the available printers on your network.
    • Default: None
  • Font Size
    • Modify the font size of printed content, useful for special size printers.
    • Default: 19
  • Paper Size
    • Modify the paper size, useful for special size printers.
    • Default: A4


    Selecting an invalid paper size will cause an error when attempting to print

  • Margin
    • Defines the margins for the printout.
    • Default: 30
Supported Paper Sizes (click to expand)

Based on this list: PDFKIT Paper Sizes

  • A-series: A0 ... A10
  • B-series: B0 ... B10
  • C-series: C0 ... C10
  • RA-series: RA0 ... RA4
  • SRA-series: SRA0 ... SRA4
  • Common U.S. sizes
    • LEGAL
    • LETTER
  • Other
    • 4A0
    • 2A0
    • FOLIO

The exact size can be found here: Overview_of_ISO_paper_sizes

Last update: November 19, 2022